Homesteading in Vermont

I recall on our very first date Christian asked me, “could you ever see yourself homesteading?” Flash forward 1.5 years and we’re married with a house in the country, 2 cats, 5 chickens, and honeybees. We’ve got 2.5 acres that we’re turning into our own little happy homestead. We’re in the process of planting a 30’x40′ veggie and flower garden, and will be building our own chicken coop since these babies are getting big!

It’s amazing how quickly things can change. As evidenced by the photos below, growth isn’t always easy or pretty, but eventually it yields beautiful and bountiful results. We can’t wait til these girls start producing eggs this fall!

Buff Orpington chicks, about 2.5 weeks old.Just 2 weeks later, the girls have lost their fluff and are growing feathers! 

Gangster chicken pose?

Photography by Angela Stevens of Juniper Studios – Chittenden, Vermont based wedding photographer.

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