meet angela

     Hello! Angela Stevens here, owner and lead photographer at Juniper Studios. I relocated from Massachusetts to Vermont in early 2018 and Juniper Studios was birthed in May of 2018. But I've been photographing weddings since 2009 (previously operating as Angela Klempner Photography) and I'm always up for an adventure! 

     In November of 2016 I met the love of my life, Christian. We were engaged 10 months later, and married 4 months after that. We bought a house in the Green Mountain state, complete with a 4,000 square foot barn which is currently being renovated to house Juniper Studios. Stay tuned for a launch party in the spring of 2020!

     My work has brought me to far corners of the world, from Bolivia to Greece, and I've photographed weddings from the white sands of the Bahamas to the farmlands of Wisconsin. We're happy to consider any photographic request nationally or internationally! 

     I'm a follower of Christ, lover of farming, and mama to 2 rambunctious kitties, Tippy & Woodrow. <3

My favorite Things jesus
my husband
the outdoors
live music
At the end of
the day, we can
endure much more
than we think
we can.
Frida Kahlo

   The juniper tree thrives where not a lot of vegetation can. It's a resilient tree, a symbol of hope, with strong roots that sustain it and provide life no matter the conditions. Juniper has a unique look, an enduring sort of beauty. While I wouldn't have chosen to go through many of the things that I've faced, I'm certainly grateful for the strength, hope, and compassion they've produced deep within me.
   I lost my dad at 23 and my mom at 25. I went through a long season of winter. A time of sadness, loneliness, and confusion. But by the grace of God, I have emerged whole. My faith sustains me. My roots are strong and my branches are beginning to bear sweet, sweet fruit. I've been blessed with a supportive husband and a wonderful community. I'm so excited to be where I am now. I'd love to share my journey with you, just ask. :)